N83236 is Crosswinds Aviation’s Piper Arrow. It has been upgraded with a GTN 650 GPS.

As a complex aircraft, N83236 is used for commercial instruction.

General Aircraft Information
Engine and Prop Specs
Fuel & Oil
Weights & Capacities
Aircraft Speeds
Aircraft Documentation
General Aircraft Information
Make Piper
Model Arrow
Year 1981
Category Normal
Span / Length / Height 35 ft. 5 in. / 27 ft. 0 in. / 8 ft. 3 in.
Permitted Operations Day and Night VFR and IFR
Panel Steam
Engine Lycoming IO-360-C1C6 (200hp @ 2700 RPM)
Propeller Type Constant Speed
Gear Configuration Retractible
Body Construction Sheet metal
Engine and Prop Specs
Model Lycoming IO-360-C1C6
No. Cylinders 4
Displacement 361 cu. in.
Output 200hp @ 2700 RPM
Fuel Delivery Fuel Injection
Propeller Type Constant Speed
Propeller Manufacturer Hartzell
GPS Garmin GTN 650
Transponder Bendix King KT76A
Audio Panel Bendix King KMA74
COM 1 Garmin GTN 650
NAV 1 Garmin GTN 650
COM 2 Bendix King KX 165
NAV 2 Bendix King KX 165
Autopilot N/A
Fuel & Oil
Total Fuel Capacity 77 Gallons
Usable Fuel Capacity 72 Gallons
Fuel Type 100LL
Oil Quantity 8 Qts.
Weights & Capacities
Max Ramp Weight 2750 lbs.
Max Takeoff Weight 2750 lbs.
Max Landing Weight 2750 lbs.
Aircraft Specific Basic Empty Weight & Arm 1795.90 lbs. @ 87.42 in.
Max Useful Load 954.1 lbs.
Useful Load w/ Full Usable Fuel 522.1 lbs.
Baggage Capacities 200 lbs.
Aircraft Speeds
Climb Speeds
Cruise Climb 104 KIAS
Best Rate Climb – Flaps Up (VY) Gear Up: 87 KIAS
Gear Down: 76 KIAS
Best Angle Climb – Flaps Up (VX) Gear Up: 77 KIAS
Gear Down: 70 KIAS
Landing Speeds
Normal Landing Flaps Up: 85 KIAS
Flaps Full: 75 KIAS
Max Demonstrated Crosswind Component 17 KTS
Airspeed Limitations
Never Exceed Speed (VNE) 190 KIAS
Max Structural Cruising Speed (VNO) 149 KIAS
Maneuvering Speeds (VA) 1863 lbs.: 96 KIAS
2750 lbs.: 121 KIAS
Flap Extended Speed (VFE) 108 KIAS
Landing Gear Extended Speed (VLE) 130 KIAS
Landing Gear Extension Speed 130 KIAS
Landing Gear Retraction Speed 109 KIAS
Clean Stall Speed (VS) 59 KIAS
Landing Stall Speed (VS0) 53 KIAS
Glide Ratio 1.5 NM / 1000 ft. @ 79 KIAS
Max Demonstrated Crosswind Component 17 KTS
Max Cruise Speed / Fuel Burn 143 KTAS / 12.4 gph (75% Power -6,000 ft. @ 10c)
Service Ceiling (100 ft./min climb) 15,000 ft. @ Std. Temp.
Sea Level Climb @ Max T/O Weight & 20c. 810 fpm (Flaps Cruise, Gear Up @ 87 KIAS)
Wing Loading 16.18 lbs./sq. ft. (Max T/O Weight)
Power Loading 13.75 lbs./hp (Max T/O Weight)
Aircraft Documentation

Information Manual (Please consult the manual specific to the aircraft for official information)

Photo of the latest Weight & Balance Sheet