Lift Off for This Year’s High School Flight Program

Lift Off for This Year’s High School Flight Program

We’re kicking off our 2nd year of the High School Flight Program! We like to think of this course as an introduction to aviation for students who are passionate about flying. Open to juniors and seniors, this free course puts you on the path to fulfilling the classroom training and real-world experience needed to become a private pilot. To launch the program, in late August, we gave the students Young Eagle Flights by our volunteer pilots who flew each student in the class. After school started we invited the class participants to attend an orientation event on Friday, Sept. 5, at our Howell location.

At the orientation, we introduced the fundamentals of flight and had the chance to show off our fleet of aircraft. While the program does not include all the flying needed for a private rating, it does include 2 free flights and many other benefits to the students! As seen on our High School Flight Program page, the course gives students the opportunity to meet with industry experts and guest speakers, gain insight to the many aspects of the aviation industry, computer-based ground training, and 10 hours of free simulator time.

Many of our students have gone on to receive their private pilot’s license and are now attending collegiate aviation programs. However, there are many different roles one can play in the aviation field. We have trained students who wish to become aerospace engineers, aircraft mechanics, and more.

This program is not limited to Howell High School students. We’ve instructed students from many schools and have even had some fly with us as part of an independent study course. If you are attending high school and are interested in taking this course, please contact us! We’d be happy to instruct you, and can start a program for you at any time!

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