Lina Nowland


Pricing: $47/hour, $5 IFR/Adv Premium, $5 Non-fleet Aircraft Premium

Looking for adventure, Lina decided to become a pilot after high school. Unlike most high school graduates, Lina was looking for something different, something “a little less traditional” as she likes to put it. Being a pilot, Lina gets to experience something different every day, and is able to make a living doing something she loves.

Lina thrives on the unique balance she finds in flying; being serious about the challenge and the fun and joy in doing it. She also enjoys meeting new people along her journey in aviation and being part of the niche community of individuals found in aviation.

One of the key components to Lina’s view of flying and aviation is understanding. The value of understanding was instilled in her from the very beginning from her parents. She continues to seek out new challenges to gain insight and understanding. It is important to Lina that what she is doing doesn’t only benefit herself, but that what she does helps other people grow. This, coupled with her desire to broaden her horizons and try new things, fits perfectly with her career in aviation. “The best part is that if you understand why you are doing something, it becomes part of you and you never lose it.”

Lina describes her teaching style as “train and fly, just like you live.” It is important to her that her students develop both the skill and understanding to be able to adapt to any situation. Just as there are no dress rehearsals in life, students must be alert and ready every single time they fly. It is also important to Lina that students enjoy the challenge of flying, but have fun at the same time.

What Lina would say to an aspiring pilot: 

What it comes down to is that if you aspire to be a pilot someday, throw away your excuses! Yes life happens. I can’t walk in your shoes, but we all have a story which contributes to the person we are today. Take your struggles and turn them into a victory. If you are thinking about flight lessons, but are sitting on the fence, well…life is too short to just sit on a fence. Regrets are a funny thing. I’d rather not have any. It can’t hurt to try something new. Flying is not rocket science (well sort of, ha ha). You just have to be willing to put in the time and effort, and yes some sacrifice. How cool is it going to be though when you meet someone new and get to say, “Hi, my name is Fantastic, and I fly airplanes!”

“If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.” – Childhood quote from my mom