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Become a Career Pilot

College Program - EMU 4 year

Want to reduce your hour requirements and get a 4 year Aviation Degree? With Crosswinds Aviation and EMU you have that option.

Why Fly With Us

Safety & Time Advanced Avionics Organized Training Great Instructors Flexible Schedule

Aircraft Rental

Our aircraft have the latest in avionics technology to ensure our pilots have all the resources available today.

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Serving Howell (OZW), Pontiac (PTK), Flint (FNT), and Willow Run (YIP) Airports!

Flight Training at Crosswinds Aviation

The Career Pilot Path

We offer all ratings to go from no flight experience, to becoming a professional pilot.

260 Hours / $65-$120k


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We utilize aircraft with the latest in avionics technology to ensure our pilots have all the resources available for reduced workload and good decision-making.  Our aircraft are also maintained and cleaned to the highest possible standards to ensure minimum distractions.

Why should you fly with us?

Safety & Time

Imagine getting your private pilot’s license in just three to six months… and doing so with the safest planes in the world.


Whether you are flying for recreation or as a career, learn comfortably, on your own terms, on a schedule that fits your own.

Organized Training

Our organized syllabus gives you step-by-step directions with video and textbook training to help you become a successful pilot.

Modern Planes

We provide the highest level of flight instruction and aircraft rental, in clean, new aircraft to provide the safest and most economical way to fly.

Instructors Who Care

Our instructors are experienced professionals with an array of impressive credentials and thousands of hours of flight instruction given.

High School Flight Training Program

Our High School Flight Training Program has been a tremendous experience. Our mission is to open the doors for students that have the desire and passion to fly. Our goal is to bring awareness and a structured, affordable solution for students that want to get their private pilot license before continuing on to a collegiate aviation program.

Here’s what others are saying…

2017 AOPA Distinguished Flight Schools Award

Wow! Again I appreciate everything your team has done. I don’t think given the time constraints that this monumental task could have been completed elsewhere. In the guard and throughout you will always have an exemplary recommendation from me. Not to mention the top notch, clean and well maintained fleet you offer to your clients which is very impressive. It was also very obvious to me yesterday that you run a very tight knit family with your staff, as I witnessed everyone’s interest regarding Connor’s check-ride. Either that or they were happy to finally see him go…

Anyway the experience, I feel couldn’t have been matched anywhere else in Michigan and I am glad we were able to find you.

Have a great rest of the summer and I will see you in July with Connor’s sister Casey.

Joe Meadows


Thank you so much. As of last week, I had not found a flight school I felt comfortable at. When I met you, your lovely wife, and Scott, I knew I wanted to continue with all of you. You all have made me feel so welcomed and have facilitated me on everything. It feels very nice and comforting knowing you all genuinely care about aviation and your students. I feel honored to fly there. Thank you once again! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Emily C.


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