High School Flight Program

At Crosswinds, our mission is to open the doors for students that have the desire and passion to fly. Our goal is to expose students to the world of aviation while allowing them to explore the many aspects of the industry and career opportunities. We help those students who are passionate about flying to fulfill their dreams by providing the foundational knowledge to launch them into their pilot career.

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High School Flight Program benefits:

  • Exposure to many aspects of the aviation industry
  • Meet with industry experts
  • Free 10 hours of simulator time per student ($250 value)
  • Computer-based ground training ($200 value)
  • EAA will reimburse students that take and pass FAA written exam ($150 value)

CLICK HERE to check out Crosswind’s Howell High School Flight Program brochure.

CLICK HERE to see the website built by the Howell High Aviation class students.

Why Start in High School?

  • Students can solo an aircraft at 16 and receive a private license at 17 years of age.
  • Allows student to assess if flying as a career would be something they would want to do before going to college.
  • Earn 5 Credits toward NMC Aviation Program after completing Ground School.  Earn 10 Credits if Private License completed at Crosswinds Aviation.
  • Demand for pilots due to potential pilot shortage.
  • Greatly reduces the cost of the Private Pilot License compared to the cost for that same rating in a collegiate program.
  • For programs like WMU, coming with a Private License will “Fast-Track” them into the Instrument rating.
  • Demonstrates to potential employers someday the commitment and passion the student has for Aviation.

What if I don’t attend Howell High School?

There are some benefits to attending the Howell High School Aviation course. At Howell High School there is a teacher dedicated to teaching the ground school for the Private Pilot license, as well as working with Crosswinds Aviation on many fun and interactive activities.

However, if you are in high school and don’t attend Howell High School, we can still be a great resource for you if you’re interested in becoming a pilot. We have quite a few high school students flying with us to achieve their Private Pilot license before going to a collegiate aviation program. We can help you get started on your aviation career and give you the best advice based on your objectives. You can start your training with us at any time. We also have direct connections to Northwestern Michigan College, Western Michigan University, and Eastern Michigan University Aviation programs and we have them visit Crosswinds Aviation every Semester so you can talk to each of them to understand their programs.

If you are a high school student and have any interest in becoming a pilot, please contact us, we can help!