About Us

Crosswinds Aviation is owned and operated by Matt and Andrea Dahline. Matt and Andrea are passionate about providing high quality flight training, teaching the right attitude towards flying and exposing as many people as possible to what aviation has to offer.

We utilize aircraft with the latest in avionics technology to ensure our pilots have all the latest resources available today for reduced workload and good decision-making. Our aircraft are also maintained and cleaned to the highest possible standards to ensure distractions are reduced to a minimum.

Matt and Andrea strongly believe, and data proves, that if pilots have the right training and are taught good judgment, general aviation flying is extremely safe. They are also extremely committed to getting middle and high school students exposed and interested in aviation. Most importantly, Matt and Andrea are incredibly client-focused and will always do everything possible to make sure your flight training and plane rental experience is the best.

Matt attended Michigan State University and started his career as an IT consultant at a large pharmaceutical in Kalamazoo, MI, specializing in UNIX System Administration. Quickly moving into a management position, Matt led a team of five UNIX consultants managing high availability systems for mission critical systems, and managed multiple large data center consolidation projects. In 2006, Matt started working for one of the largest interactive marketing companies in the U.S. as an account manager delivering projects, including high-end web site design, SEO, and behavioral marketing. This included starting and leading a U.S. Client Services team for a behavioral targeting platform, which was purchased from a Belgium company in 2011. Matt’s success and results in the corporate environment helped solidify his skills necessary to purchase and grow Crosswinds Aviation. Matt also has Hecht and Associates Business Professionals Course Certification (alternative MBA) and two years in Hecht and Associates LEIP (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Power) follow-on course. Matt earned his Private Pilot Certificate in November of 2000, Instrument Rating in March of 2005, and has almost 1000 hours.

Andrea Dahline has a Packaging Engineering and German degree from Michigan State University. After working as a packaging engineer for two years, Andrea began working in Small Business Management and Marketing. She has been a business manager, recruiter and marketing consultant  for three small businesses. Andrea has a unique ability for specifying and avoiding future breakdowns in business and her attention to detail is unmatched. She completed the Hecht and Associates Business Professionals Course (BPC) Certification (alternative MBA) and spent one year in Hecht and Associates LEIP (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Power) follow-on course. Her experiences managing small businesses and education in the BPC gave her the skills needed to run and manage Crosswinds Aviation. Andrea earned her Private Pilot Certificate in May of 2007.

Matt and Andrea have two children, Mathias and Amelia. Their favorite hobbies include flying to see family, flying to fun destinations like Mackinac Island, Bellaire, Traverse City and Put-in-Bay, and competitive sailboat racing.