EMU College Program

Crosswinds Aviation is currently the contracted flight training provider for the EMU Flight Technology 4 year degree program.

For detailed information about this program, please see the EMU Aviation website.

While achieving a 4 year degree is not a requirement for our flight students, we do highly recommend that most of our students do achieve a 4 year degree while pursing a professional pilot career.  Having a degree could open doors later in your career, make you more competitive for select pilot positions, and open financing options not otherwise available.

This is a great option for our high school students who would like to flow into a 4 year degree program and continue flying at your current Crosswinds Aviation location.  Please contact Crosswinds Aviation for more information.

Restricted ATP / 141 status

In order to qualify for the reduced 1000 hours under the restricted ATP FAA Regulations, a pilot must complete a 4 year degree with an Aviation Major and complete the Instrument and Commercial ratings at a pilot school with a TCO approved for flight training under part 141.  The accredited institution must also have a formal training agreement with that pilot school.

In order to meet that requirement, here is the current status of the Crosswinds Aviation 141 certification:

  • Provisionary 141 status achieved for the Instrument and Commercial ratings at the Crosswinds Aviation base in Howell, MI (KOZW) and at satellite location in Pontiac, MI (KPTK).
  • EMU students cannot qualify for the reduced hours if graduating under the 141 Instrument and Commercial ratings while in provisionary status.
  • Crosswinds aviation can apply to the FAA to get out of provisionary status after graduating 10 students at an 80% first time pass rate or higher.  Currently 22 students are enrolled in the 141 Instrument or Commercial rating.  There are 16 students are through stage 1, 11 students through stage 2, and 4 through stage III and ready for a checkride.  2 students have passed on their first checkride and 1 did not, subsequently passing the 2nd time.
  • Part 141 certification is expected to be available at the Crosswinds Aviation Ypsilanti, MI (KYIP) location by Fall 2023.
  • Part 141 certification is expected to be available at the Crosswinds Aviation Flint, MI (KFNT) and Lansing, MI (KLAN) locations when we are able to hire an Assistant Chief at those locations per FAR requirements for satellite locations.