Simulator training offers our students the opportunity to experience scenarios that are impossible to recreate in the air. For IFR students and pilots, the simulator can also be a great way to reduce cost of the IFR rating, keep up with currency, and improve proficiency at a much lower cost. You can log 10 hours of your IFR rating in the TD2. You can also maintain IFR currency without an instructor (for less than $50 you can do all your IFR currency requirements including ATC, making it much more realistic).

Redbird TD2 Training

  • G1000 transition training
  • IFR Syllabus combining sim and airplane lessons. About 25% reduction in overall cost for IFR rating.
  • Instrument Proficiency check
  • Emergency procedures
  • ATC Communications training/practice
  • Foreflight and WingX training/practice

Real World IFR Course now offered by PilotEdge

We highly encourage all our students to utilize PilotEdge ATC services that we have operational in our Redbird TD2 sim, especially for IFR training. For our instrument students, the Real World IFR course offered by PilotEdge is a great supplement to your IFR training with us, as it gets you very well oriented to flying “in the system”. If you are interested in purchasing this course, you can visit, then click the BUY NOW button at the bottom.

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