Ali Seif


Pricing: $47/hour, $5 IFR/Adv Premium, $5 Non-fleet Aircraft Premium

From humble beginnings, Ali knew that he wanted do something different with his life, and found exactly what he was looking for in aviation. Finding aviation as an interesting and challenging career option, Ali chose to become a pilot. Not only did he find becoming a pilot very rewarding, but to Ali, it also proved to be an honorable way of making a living. Ali loves to travel and enjoys seeing the world from a different prospective when he is flying.

Ali describes his teaching style as “teaching with a purpose.” He likes to make each lesson both enjoyable and beneficial for his students.

What Ali would say to an aspiring pilot:

Becoming a successful pilot needs hard work and determination but the rewards are countless. Give it a try. Schedule a discovery flight. You won’t regret the time you spend up in the air; I guarantee you that.