We use an Online Scheduling System at Crosswinds Aviation. Once you have obtained all your required materials, you will login to the scheduling system and schedule your flight lessons at your convenience. At Crosswinds, we train with you in mind; how often you fly will determine how quickly you get your license. Most of our clients schedule their flight lessons about 2 times per week with study time in-between flights. Students who follow this schedule generally complete their flight in about 4-6 months.

Once you go through the sign up process, we will approve your scheduling system ID and you can start scheduling your flights.  You will want to schedule a 2-hour block of time in the aircraft of your choice with your instructor for each lesson. To learn more about our instructors, CLICK HERE.

Of course we are always available by phone to schedule your flights as well.  If you are not at a computer, or prefer to schedule by phone, you can always call us at 517-552-1101 to schedule your flights.