Signup for our Private Pilot Ground School in Howell here!

Here are the details:

When: Starts Monday February 19th , 2018 at 6:00pm
Ends: May 14th , 2018 (7 classes total)
Where: Crosswinds Aviation – Howell.
Cost: $250 (Sporty’s Learn to Fly course + Ground school for $400)

We will cover multiple ground lessons every other Monday night for 7 weeks. Each night will complete between 9pm and 10pm. You can download the nightly breakdown of lessons and pre-study requirements here.

You can signup for the Ground School here. Please choose if you want the Private Pilot Ground School for $250, or the Private Pilot Ground school and Sporty’s Learn to Fly course for $400. We will send you an invoice that you can pay online.  If you prefer to pay over the phone, please contact us at 517-552-1101 or email us.

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    Private Pilot Ground - $250Private Pilot Ground AND Sporty's Online course - $400

    More about our Private Pilot Ground School

    The ground lessons are part of our standard Private Pilot Syllabus (Download Here) and are integrated at the most appropriate time with the flight lessons. Students learning to fly with us can choose to either do the ground lessons in the syllabus 1 on 1 with their instructor, OR take the ground school every other Monday evening. If you take the ground school, it will be a classroom format with other students, and by the end of the course you will be signed off on all your ground lessons in your syllabus. We estimate the cost for doing all ground lessons 1 on 1 with your instructor to be approximately $1,000. So the ground school cost of $250 to cover all ground lessons in the syllabus is a great way to reduce the overall cost of achieving your Private Pilot license.

    You will see that each lesson in the syllabus has a “Required Pre-Study” section. This references the volumes and sections of the Sporty’s course required to study prior to that Lesson. The ground school will cover a number of ground lessons in the syllabus each night of the class. You can download the ground lessons covered on each night here. This will detail the ground lessons covered each night of the ground school and what segments of the Sporty’s course to complete in preparation for that night.

    We treat our ground schools as a “lifetime membership” so you can make up any missed sessions in the next class, and re-attend any sessions as many times as you like. So, if you have already paid for a previous instrument ground school you are more than welcome to attend. You can also start our ground school at any time, and make up the missed sessions when we start the next ground school class.