Scott McDonald


Pricing: $47/hour, $5 IFR/Adv Premium, $5 Non-fleet Aircraft Premium

From a very young age, Scott was given the opportunity to learn about aviation from family friends who were both pilots and air plane owners. While most kids were taking turns on the tractor learning to drive, Scott was playing co-pilot and learning to fly. You might say that learning to fly came naturally to him. There’s something about the perspective you get when flying that keeps Scott going back up for more. He enjoys seeing things in the air that he’s seen a hundred times on the ground; it’s hard for Scott to put into words what this perspective is like for him. “You just have to see it.”

And it’s this different perspective of the Earth that gives Scott a sense of ease and calmness that permeates his teaching style. Scott knows that when learning to fly it’s natural for people to get nervous so he purposefully makes time to be patient with each of his students. He doesn’t try to rush his students through curriculum, but rather let’s them learn at their pace, while making every effort to pour customized instruction and information into his students.

What Scott would say to an aspiring pilot:

I would say that first things first, do a discovery flight and see if it’s something you enjoy. If you find that you like it then stick with it; commit to it.  Find an instructor that fits your learning style and comfort level. Flying isn’t just for rich people. Like anything it just takes work and dedication. It’s possible for anyone to become a pilot.

“You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.” – Amelia Earhart