N351DC is a member of the DA20-C1 fleet at Crosswinds Aviation in Pontiac.

The Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse is a great aircraft for a primary trainer.  It’s also an economical option for rental pilots looking to build time or maintain currency.

N351DC is a low time 2005 DA20 in great condition.  It is the first Diamond DA20 to be upgraded with a Garmin G500 TXi.

Along with a PFD and MFD, the G500 TXi also presents engine instrumentation alongside, resulting in easier monitoring and a safer flight.

General Aircraft Information
Engine and Prop Specs
Fuel & Oil
Weights & Capacities
Aircraft Speeds
Aircraft Documentation
General Aircraft Information
Make Diamond
Model DA20-C1 Eclipse
Year 2005
Category Utility
Span / Length / Height 35 ft. 9 in. / 23 ft. 9 in. / 7 ft. 1 in.
Permitted Operations Day and Night VFR
Panel Garmin G500TXi
Engine Continental IO-240-B (125hp @ 2800 RPM)
Propeller Type Fixed Pitch
Gear Configuration Fixed Tricycle w/ Castering Nosewheel
Body Construction Composite
ADS-B In and Out
Engine and Prop Specs
Model Continental IO-240-B
No. Cylinders 4
Displacement 239.8 cu. in.
Output 125hp @ 2800 RPM
Fuel Delivery Fuel Injection
Propeller Type Fixed Pitch
Propeller Manufacturer Sensenich
PFD / MFD G500 TXi
GPS Garmin GNS 430W
Transponder Garmin GTX 345
Audio Panel Garmin GMA 340
COM 1 Garmin GNS 430
NAV 1 Garmin GNS 430
COM 2 Garmin SL 40
Fuel & Oil
Total Fuel Capacity 24.5 Gallons
Usable Fuel Capacity 24 Gallons
Fuel Type 100LL
Oil Quantity 6 Qts.
Weights & Capacities
Note: For Weight & CG numbers, no difference between Utility and Normal categories
Max Ramp / Takeoff Weights 1,770 lbs. / 1,764 lbs.
Aircraft Specific Basic Empty Weight & Arm 1,202.5 lbs. @ 8.33 in.
Max Useful Load 567.5 lbs.
Useful Load w/ Full Usable Fuel 395.5 lbs.
Baggage Capacity 44 lbs.
Aircraft Speeds
Climb Speeds
Cruise Climb 80 KIAS
Best Rate Climb – Flaps Cruise (VY) 75 KIAS
Best Rate Climb – Flaps T/O (VY) 68 KIAS
Best Angle Climb – Flaps Cruise (VX) 60 KIAS
Best Angle Climb – Flaps T/O (VX) 57 KIAS
Landing Speeds
Normal Landing – Flaps LDG 55 KIAS
Go Around Climb – Flaps LDG 52 KIAS
Max Demonstrated Crosswind Component 20 KTS
Airspeed Limitations
Never Exceed Speed (VNE) 164 KIAS
Max Structural Cruising Speed (VNO) 118 KIAS
Maneuvering Speed (VA) 106 KIAS
Max Flap Extended Speed – Takeoff (VFE) 100 KIAS
Max Flap Extended Speed – Landing (VFE) 78 KIAS
Clean Stall Speed (VS) 42 KIAS
Landing Stall Speed (VS0) 34 KIAS
Glide Ratio 11:1 (1.81NM / 1000 ft.) @ 73KIAS
Max Demonstrated Crosswind Component 20 KTS
Max Cruise Speed / Fuel Burn 130 KTAS / 8.6 gph (2,000 ft. Std. Temp +10c @ 2800 RPM)
Max Cruising Altitude 13,120 ft.
Sea Level Climb (Cruise) @ Max T/O Weight & Std. Temp. 940 fpm (Flaps Cruise @ 75 KIAS)
Sea Level Climb (Takeoff) @ Max T/O Weight & Std. Temp. 860 fpm (Flaps T/O @ 68 KIAS)
Wing Loading 14.11 lbs./sq. ft. (Max T/O Weight)
Power Loading 14.11 lbs./hp (Max T/O Weight)
Aircraft Documentation

Airplane Flight Manual (please consult the aircraft specific AFM for official information).

Photo of the latest Weight & Balance sheet

Interactive Weight & Balance Spreadsheet