Howell High School Aircraft Competition held at Crosswinds Aviation

Howell High School Aircraft Competition held at Crosswinds Aviation

We had an amazing time Wednesday hosting the first Howell High School Aviation Class Aircraft Competition. The students divided themselves into five teams to build and fly model aircraft. The only items they could buy off the shelf was the motor and remote controls, everything else needed to be fabricated by the students.

Each team had a sponsor to raise money for building their aircraft. A huge thanks to all the team sponsors!

  • Team Alpha 4 – Helicopter Air Specialty Service
  • Team Blue Aero – Little Texan LLC
  • Team G Force – Conserva Electric
  • Team Mint Ginger Ale – Crosswinds Aviation
  • Team Yellow Jackets – Morgan Stanley

Also there were multiple event sponsors. Again, a huge thanks to the event sponsors!

  • Angelo’s Pizza and Deli
  • BD Electrical
  • First Impressions Print and Marketing
  • Mary Kay
  • May & Scofield Limited
  • New China King

Aircraft Competition Video:

Flight video from the competition:

For more information about the Howell High School Aviation Class and the Competition go here: ids=”4705,4704,4703,4702,4701,4700,4699,4698,4697,4688,4689,4690,4691,4692,4693,4694,4695,4696,4687,4686,4685,4684,4683,4682,4681,4680,4679,4670,4671,4672,4673,4674,4675,4676,4677,4678,4668,4667,4666,4665,4664,4663,4662,4661,4660,4669″ type=”s”]

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