Kirstie Ovlasuk

Kirstie Ovlasuk

Facility Operations Manager /A&P

Kirstie graduated from Western Michigan Aviation in the Winter of 2015 with a Bachelors in Aviation Maintenance Technology. She grew up working in the garage with her Dad and the love of getting her hands dirty and the desire to continuously learn, lead her to the path of working on airplanes. Being at the airport and interacting to create a positive aviation experience for others is one of her greatest joys.

“One of my favorite experiences over my first year at Crosswinds was watching the High School class grow from last fall. Most of the kids that chose to fly are almost ready to finish up their Private License and I feel privileged to be apart of that process, seeing each of them solo and watching them grow from the ground up(Literally).”

What Kirstie would say to an aspiring pilot:

“You will get what you give from the Aviation community. The sooner you get involved in EAA, AOPA, WAI, NBAA, WMBAA or even AWAM the better. These organizations are there to help you, and many have amazing scholarship opportunity available. Most importantly stay true to who you are and do not forget to have fun along the way. Being a genuine and honest person will take you far”.

The Crosswinds Difference

Crosswinds has truly become my second home. Matt and Andrea are absolutely superb people. Their open door makes it easy to come in to talk about anything be it business or personal, and they work hard to meet the needs of the Crosswinds community.

The Crosswinds crew goes above and beyond to have a friendly atmosphere, while also being client oriented and cost efficient. The Instructors all mesh well using each other as a resource and support to give the best well constructed lessons while following our Syllabus making switching between Instructors to fit your schedule an ease.

Kirstie continues to expand her operations and business skills and she enjoys being at Crosswinds very much.

Favorite quote

“I think it’s important to find the little things in everyday life that make you happy”.

~ Paula Cole

Kirstie Ovlasuk

Facility Operations Manager / A&P