Mac Lipsey

Mac Lipsey

Seaplane Rating
High Performance and Tail Wheel Endorsed

Mac started his aviation career in the Airforce as a F-15E Crew chief from there his path took him to Northwestern Michigan College.  He went from no flight time to CFI in about 3.5 years.

He was inspired by and wanted to understand the larger than life aircraft having the ability to get off the ground, which drove him to pursue aviation to get those answers. The sense of freedom keeps his fire lit for aviation. Being able to take flight, the destination becomes limitless.

What Mac would say to an aspiring pilot:

“You have to be dedicated and stick with it.  Don’t become frustrated when the going gets tough.  Persevere to achieve the end goal.  Becoming a pilot is a time commitment in the office and at home.  Coming prepared for lessons keeps the learning process moving forward.”

The Crosswinds Difference

It starts at the top.  Matt and Andrea are both friendly and easy to talk to.  They want to see all their clients succeed and will do what it takes to see them through.  Crosswinds instructors follow a structured syllabus that ensures each student receives all the aeronautical knowledge required to be a safe and proficient pilot.  Our fleet is well maintained and utilize up to date avionics packages, ensuring situational awareness and a 21st century training experience.  We have a very welcoming group of flight instructors and staff to ensure you have a positive training experience.

Ideally Mac wants to become a bush pilot out in Alaska enjoying the adventures it entails. His end goal would be working for a main line either flying passengers or cargo.

Favorite Quote

“Because I was inverted”

Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) from the Top Gun movie