Mackenzie Benson

Mackenzie Benson


Pricing: $52/hour, $5 IFR/Adv Premium, $5 Non-fleet Aircraft Premium

Mackenzie graduated from Western Michigan Aviation in the winter of 2017. She completed a discovery flight her senior year of high school and was hooked. She wishes that a high school class like Crosswinds offers were available to her at the start of her aviation journey.  Airplanes have always fascinated her. She enjoys the fast paced nature of the industry and how it is constantly evolving.


What Mackenzie would say to an aspiring pilot:

“Learning to fly is one of the greatest experiences a person can ever have. It takes a lot of hard work and studying, but the hard work pays off. Study for every flight, but most importantly have fun!”

The Crosswinds Difference

“Everyone here has been so welcoming from the first day I walked in the door. Matt and Andrea have everyone’s best interest at heart and the team of flight instructors are so diverse in their background of flight training and goals. It’s a very welcoming and motivating atmosphere to be around and everyone always has your back.”

The aircraft makes for a big difference too. Flying new aircraft with the most up to date technology will help students with careers in aviation in mind.

Mackenzie is still up in the air about what her end goal is. She wants to get started working for a regional airline, but is open to working for a corporate department as well. She looks forward to seeing where her journey will take her, and is happy that Crosswinds is a part of that journey.