Robert Hopman

Robert Hopman

High Performance/Tail wheel endorsed

Pricing: $52/hour, $5 IFR/Adv Premium, $5 Non-fleet Aircraft Premium

Bobby went to Washtenaw Community College for 2 years and then headed up to Northwestern Michigan College and finished their two year program.

What inspired him the most was the challenge of flying.  Avoiding the desk job was his main goal and this seemed the route best suited for him.  He looks forward to the added bonus of seeing the world.

Seeing the end goal of flying large aircraft keeps him passionate about aviation. The airlines would give him the opportunity to see the world.

What Bobby would say to an aspiring pilot:

“The most important thing is coming with a positive attitude and realizing not everyone is able to get this experience.  It’s a gift that you should not take for granted. ”

The Crosswinds Difference

Crosswind’s environment is friendly and pushes you towards success. Everyone is welcoming as if you’ve been here since the beginning of it all.  It offers the feeling of being in a school setting while challenging students to be their best.  They offer modern aircraft that create an ease for transitioning toward being a potential career pilot.

Bobbys’ next step is the airlines to get his feet wet in the industry.