The Motor Glider has arrived!

We are very excited to announce another addition to the Crosswinds Aviation fleet. This is the Diamond HK36 Motor Glider. This is a beautiful and very well appointed aircraft that has many advantages for our clients:

  • No medical is required to fly a glider category aircraft
  • For our young students, you can solo at age 14 and get your Private Pilot glider license at age 16
  • Develop great fundamental flying skills as gliders require good coordinated stick and rudder skills and you are always managing energy carefully
  • Learn a lot about weather as you search for and fly in thermals to gain altitude
  • Since this is a motor glider, no need to wait for a tow as you can self launch
  • There is nothing like turning the engine off in flight and just hearing the wind. This aircraft is pure FUN!

The rate is $135 on Tach time, and $99 on any additional time spent soaring. Currently our CFI-G’s that can teach in the glider are Bill Lewis, Joel Zachrich, and Denny McGuire. Scott McDonald will be adding his Glider Instructor rating in the near future.

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