Getting my Private Pilot License: what does it cost

Getting my Private Pilot License: what does it cost

Getting my private pilot license: How much does it cost? 

When people begin thinking about earning a pilot’s license, one of the first questions that we are asked is how much it will cost.  

We understand the financial commitment is important and we know the return on investment in your training at Crosswinds will be worth it.  That’s why our policy is to be honest with our students about realistic costs right up front.

The most important thing to understanding is that progression through training is based on proficiency of both knowledge and flight skills, not the number of hours.  This is true for all endorsements given along the way and most importantly for a sign-off to take the final test.  We take this very seriously and it is for the safety of our students, and anybody who might be a passenger with them once they become a license pilot.  The number of hours will be different for each student depending on how quickly they pick up the material.

So, back to the cost.

Our instructor rates range from $47 to $52 per hour.  Aircraft rental rates can vary between $129 and $170 per hour depending on the aircraft model.  Our fleet is the newest of any flight school in Michigan and the planes are professionally maintained with a focus on safety and reliability.

We utilize a structured online syllabus that keeps students on track and allows them to see where they are at in the process.  Our goal is the highest quality training while doing it very efficiently.  The FAA mandates a minimum of 40 in-flight hours before taking a pilot’s exam.  While the national average is about 70-80 hours of logged flight time, our average is about 50-60 hours due to our structure.  Therefore, the overall cost will be roughly $8,500 to $14,000 for a Private Pilot license.

Students who come prepared, have followed the syllabus and done the studying will find that they’ll reduce their costs because the consistent effort will translate to faster progression.  We recommend two lessons per week to maximize your retention from flight to flight. Using a less structured approach can lead to longer hours – and more expense – to prepare you for the test.  

While you can certainly prepay, many Crosswinds students take advantage of flexible payment options that include paying with cash, check or credit at each lesson.  

We also give you an avenue to make the most of your money by giving students a bonus when they pre-pay with cash or check in chunks. For instance, on a $2,000 payment, we’ll give back 3 percent to add to your account. On a $4,000 investment, we give you 6 percent back. 

Have questions? Give us a call at (517) 552-1101 or send us an email. 

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